Curtin Village
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      Curtin Family & Mansion

The Family - The Curtin family is famous for much more than just the iron works. In 1803, Roland Curtin was coroner of Centre County and three years later he was elected Sheriff. His son, Andrew Curtin, became the first Republican governor of the State of Pennsylvania. He  governed the state during the Civil War years 1861 - 1867. Governor Curtin, who was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, suggested that Gettysburg be recognized as a national cemetery. Gov. Andrew Curtin was present for Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address. After serving two terms as Governor, Andrew Curtin was appointed Minister to Russia by President Ulysses S. Grant. He later served as a Democratic Congressman from 1881-1887 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  A highlight of the tour is the personal Victorian carriage used by Andrew Curtin and his family.

The Mansion - In the Curtin Mansion, visitors can tour two floors of the restored home, built by Ironmaster Roland Curtin in 1830. His descendants occupied the home until the 1950s, after which it was vacant for 20 years. Curtin Village was then turned over to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which restored the mansion and rebuilt the furnace. 


The Federal-style Mansion has retained much of its original beauty, including its original floors, woodwork, and staircase, as well as many of its windows. It has10 fireplaces and 15 rooms, most of which are furnished with furniture and antiques from the time period of 1830 to 1850. Some of these pieces are original to the house and relatives donated others, such as the piano from 1873. 


The upstairs rooms are furnished in several different styles from the 1800s, including a cradle that was made in Curtin Village before 1840 and a high-post mahogany bed from 1830-1845. Other rooms feature Empire-style furniture from the late 1800s. The tour presents several very interesting and unique aspects of the home’s construction, as well glassware, clothing, dolls, 19th century toys, Indian arrowheads found on or close to the property, and more.


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